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Rave Reviews!

It has been quite a while since a “homegrown” production has been this spectacular! From all the different design perspectives (lighting – wow, costumes – OMG!) to the charged direction, this Butterfly will bring back Opera at its BEST. Thank you, David!

— Ellen Goodman

I went Thursday night and, what can I say, it was the most beautiful cultural event that I have attended during my six years in El Paso. My thanks to the El Paso Opera and the entire cast of Madama Butterfly for an evening that I will truly never forget.

— Charles Morris

It was spectacular. Thank you!

— Flor Lara

The performance last night was incredible! I have not attended this Opera before but I think I have a new favorite. The cast, the orchestra and all the behind the scenes folks did an amazing job! I love Shu-Ying Li!! Her voice was breathtaking and moved me to tears! Brava, Brava!!!! Thank you El Paso Opera for an amazing experience!

— Shawn Abel

Saw the opera Sat and it was unbelievable. Bravo to the cast and crew.

— Cheryl Beightel

I introduced my 12-year-old to her first opera today! It was so amazing!! Such a heartfelt performance…I cried & my daughter loved it! BRAVO to everyone!!!!

— Erika Martinez Ramirez

It was the perfect opera to share with my Mom who had never seen one. To David and staff: thank you for bringing opera back to El Paso. Your hard work and dedication helps keep the arts alive!

— Liza Montelongo

It was awesome! Thank you for bringing the grand opera back! Can’t wait to see many more!

— Guillermo A. Castañeda Jr.

It was excellent! Congrats on the showing and the large crowds.

— I’m Doing El Paso

On the way out my grandma told me that as a young girl she never thought she would ever be able to experience the opera. You have made this possible for her and the rest of El Paso with all of your amazing productions. Thank you!!!!!!!!

— Lenny Vielma

It was a great experience to have shared it with my mom and grandma. … We loved it and can’t wait to experience another great show!

— Alma Blanco

This Grandma introduced grand opera to her young granddaughters. We all loved it!!!

— Rebecca Rodriguez McKnight

It was wonderful. … Thanks for bringing great talent to El Paso and bringing some home again, too! Enjoyed every minute of it. …

— Julie Nichols Lee

Thank you! It was absolutely fabulous!

— International Museum of Art El Paso